Letterpress Love: A Workshop

Last weekend I was scrolling through Instagram and saw that River North Workshop was hosting a letterpress class with Brian Wood (how fitting!) of Dogs & Stars Letterpress. Imagine my excitement when I signed up for it (excitement levels through the roof!!!). I never got the chance to take a class while I was in college and I thought the hubs and I needed a day out together.

We learned a lot and enjoyed every bit. It also got me seriously thinking about getting a letterpress for myself!

January: A Reflection

As today is the 30th of January in the new year, I am amazed at how time flies, how I chose to fill that time with laughter, lame puns and enlightening conversations. I rang in the New Year in our snowy mountains - Estes Park, with my love and good friends. 

Creatively, January was a bit of a struggle for me - I came to the conclusion that I was/am a tad burnt out. I said yes to a lot of projects and adventures (because, why not?!), and am feeling that maybe I should have kindly declined. I'm thank for all the creative endeavors and adventures, but it may be time for a bit of R&R!